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DiMari is a recent graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a BA in Multimedia Journalism. After graduation he began freelance writing, covering a variety of sports events/topics. He follows NFL, NBA, CFB and CBB year round.
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Four Sleeper Teams That Could Be Legit Contenders

Every season there are a few sleeper teams that unexpectedly put the league on notice. Last season it was the Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Seahawks, and...

Why The Cowboys Could be the NFC’s Top Team

Dallas Cowboys All-Pro edge rusher, Micah Parsons said the Cowboys are the top team in the NFC. They have the talent and are more than...

The 2023-24 College Football Playoff: Who’s in? Who’s out?

Since its introduction The College Football Playoff has been full of excitement. Every year a new time rises to the top and stirs the pot....

Something Special Cooking in Duval County

Duval County is cooking up something special, and it's not just a new stadium. Doug Pederson and Trevor Lawrence have brought life to the Jacksonville...

An Elite Quarterback That Doesn’t Get The Respect He Deserves

The NFL has a bunch of good quarterbacks but only a handful are elite. There's one quarterback that has proven he's elite, but doesn't get...

Five Must-Watch NFL Games in 2023

The NFL season is a few weeks away. Check out what five NFL games could be the best to watch as the season unfolds!

A Prominent College Football Program Trending Upward

The University of Southern California has been a prominent program throughout the years but hasn't performed to their expectations. It's been over a decade since...

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