5 Reasons Why March Madness is Must Watch

March is near. Most people think of March as an introduction to Spring time. Flowers are starting to sprout ever so slightly, the dog days of winter seemingly at their end and we can begin to emerge from our hibernation caves as a society. I would argue there’s even more reason to stay in your cave this month, for at least a few more days: March Madness!

It’s the three-week tournament that captivates our nation and accounts for massive amounts of college sports revenue. Every game nationally televised from your 1v16 matchup to the dreaded 5v12. Here are five reasons why you must watch March Madness every year!

Why March Madness is a Must-Watch Event Every Year

1. It starts as an all day event

The great thing about this tournament is the sheer amount of games that are played, all televised on four channels and spread evenly throughout the day. Whether you’re a fan of the blue blood high seeds who have “easy” matchups later in the day, or an east coast night owl who likes the 10:30pm start times of some of the games, one thing is certain, there will be a game on likely every hour from Thursday-Sunday of the first weekend.

So make sure your second screen at work has streaming options, or that you have your phone charged for those updates, because there will be action every hour! Who knows, you may find yourself witnessing one of those moments that’s talked about for years, which brings us to our second point!

2. There has been a first round winner by every seeded team in the tournaments history

If it weren’t for the fact that there is sports on all day, this would be the first reason you have to watch. It doesn’t matter the school or the players. There is never a game that can’t be won by either side. If you’re in the tournament, then you have a chance to win.

Whether you’re a Loyola Chicago fan or a Tar Heel at heart, maybe you prefer the Lobos of New Mexico or the Duke Blue Devils entering their first without Coach K. What can be predicted is the inability to get this tournament 100% correct via picking matchups. It’s why legendary mogul Warren Buffett always offers $1,000,000 to the person who can; it hasn’t to this point ever been done!

The sheer unpredictability of this tournament means you’re getting teams with mascots you’ve never heard of conquering league titans and blue blood programs. Whether you’re a one seed or a 16, there’s always a chance in March.

3. The tournament doesn’t have a clear-cut favorite.

Most years, the NCAA has one or two teams that are just better than the rest. Basketball is a team sport, yes, but there are times when individual talents can truly make a difference in the sport. This year, there doesn’t seem to be any individual standouts that make you run to the TV, which could make for a dramatic tournament.

As of this writing, there is only one team in the top 25 that has more than 25 wins and it is Houston, who play in the AAC, not typically known as a basketball powerhouse conference. Gone are the days of 30+ win teams dominating their way to an overall number one seed, this year will be a matchup-based tournament where the better teams should shine through to that “One Shining Moment” montage to the end the year. With teams like St. Mary’s CA and Providence ranked as top 25 schools, you know that we are in for some drama, so make sure you clear your schedule to fully immerse yourself in the greatest tournament in sports!

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4. Legends are made in March

It’s easy to know the blue chip recruit who was dominant in high school and the regular season. For those who weren’t so highly touted, there is March Madness. The last time you can get the opportunity to make your name before potentially realizing an NBA dream. Names like Stephen Curry, Jimmer Fredette, and Adam Morrison. Most recently, Buddy Hield and Collin Sexton.

What about Dougie McBuckets (Doug McDermott)? There’s a reason these names would strike fear into their opponents. Whether it was Curry leading a Davidson team to the Elite Eight, or Hield leading Oklahoma to the Final Four, there are players that make the tournament special and shine on the grandest stage of them all! Who will be this year’s star?

5. You don’t have to “know” sports to enjoy!

It’s really easy to get into March Madness, even if you’re more of a casual fan than a die-hard. Mostly because no matter how hard you try, you’ll never know the full statistics of a 68-team tournament!

There are teams that get in by the skin of their teeth; teams that only got in by winning their conference tournament via automatic bid! Lots of college stars are one-and-done players, meaning they themselves are still “new” to the world. This is as frenetic of a pace as a playoff can be. It’s over in two weekends essentially, and half of the thrill is finding out who will represent their region in the Final Four.

You don’t need to know Xs and Os, but make sure you know who has the ball on the last possession of the game, anything can happen just before that buzzer! Grab a drink, some chips and dip, or maybe even some chicken wings! These games are just the party vibe to help fill that sports hole the NFL leaves.

Main Image: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY

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