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Praise Benjamin is an exceptional Sports writer who can easily identify the most compelling elements of any sports story and easily drives engagement with her articles. She has a talent for discovering unique and insightful angles for stories and can write quickly and accurately.
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7 Talented Basketball Players Who Didn’t Reach the NBA

Why some of the best basketball players who could have made it to the NBA never did.  The NBA is widely regarded as the premier basketball...

5 NBA Players Who Might Retire in 2023

Considering the NBA retirement age, would these NBA players hang the boots in 2023? The fast-paced game of basketball requires players to exert themselves both on...

Alcaraz Beats Djokovic in Five Sets

Carlos Alcaraz, the top-ranked player at just 20 years old, defeated 36-year-old reigning champion Novak Djokovic in a grueling five-set match.  Expressing his desire for another...

The Panthers to Honor Muhammad and Peppers

The Carolina Panthers Hall of Honor has recently added Julius Peppers and Muhsin Muhammad to its list of esteemed individuals. Julius Peppers and Muhsin Muhammad's Induction...

Victor Wembanyama’s Debut: Three Key Observations

Despite struggling to find a shooting rhythm, the towering 7'3" Victor Wembanyama managed to make a significant impact in the Spurs' turbulent first game  Three Thoughts...

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