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Preston has been writing NFL articles for about 2 months so far. He has been writing articles for He has been a fan of the NFL for 30+ years and has been a Patriots fan since 1994. Preston also loves to play the game of basketball since he was a child, and has been playing golf for 10 years. He has a family of 6(wife plus 5 children).
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Deshaun Watson: Comeback Player of the Year?

There are players that have different situations that cause them to have bad seasons or no season at all. In this article, I want to highlight one player who...

Three Breakout Wide Recievers for 2023 NFL Season

There are three wide receivers that I would like to discuss. These three wide receivers are prime breakout candidates for the 2023 NFL season.

The End of First Ballot Running Backs?

The last first-ballot Hall of Famer at the position was in 2017. The last one before that was inducted in the year of 2010.

Divisional Breakdown of the NFC North

I want to highlight and break down one of 2023's most competitive divisions. The NFC North is going to be extremely competitive this season.

Most Interesting Backfields Heading into 2023

Running backs may not be the superstars that they once were but they still can carry a team. Just look at Derrick Henry and the...

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